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Welcome to Blue Ant Computer Services

Here is more information about the services we can provide and the products that we can service, repair, replace or upgrade.

Hard Drives / SSD

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are gradually being replace by Solid State Drives (SSD) which are, generally more reliable and longer lasting. We can help you get more life out of your drives by removing unnecessary wasted space, tidying up your files and generally looking after it's health.

However, this will not save your data and precious photo's etc unless you have carried out a regular backup routine. Why not ask about how we can help you with this, including using 'the Cloud'?


Operating Systems

Do you use the MicroSoft Windows operating system (the software that operates your computer and is referred to as the Operating System) ? If so you may have one of any number of variants from XP through to Windows 10 (only the latest, Windows 10, is actively supported by MicroSoft  but they continue to issue security patches for the older systems). We can help with installing or maintaining these systems for you.

Or why not step away from Windows and use a free, including software, system like LINUX. Again, this comes in a number of variants but all are completely updated and maintained and the FREE software covers just about everyone's needs. Ask us about this.



Do you have a simple printer, a printer fax or a printer fax scanner (called an all-in-one)?

Has it been updated or have the drivers (the software that operates the printer to it's best) been kept up-to-date?

We can help install and maintain your printer for you.


Sound and Graphics

Suddenly your image disappears from the screen. After checking the cables are connected and the screen is turned on there is still no picture. That's the graphics card gone oops. It could be something relatively simple like downloading a new driver after updating the operating system but it could mean a new card if your old one is no longer supported.

Similarly, the same could happen with your sound.

We can help get your picture and sound back operating.


The Internet and Social Media

You have a nice shiny, new computer. You bought it because you want to talk to your grandchildren, work colleagues but that means connecting to the internet and using appropriate software (see also webcams below)

We can help you set up an internet account. We can also help you and give you tutorials on using the internet and the email system. We can even help you connect and use social media accounts - Facebook, Instagram etc etc.


Games and Leisure Software

All work and no play is just no fun. That is why computer games are so prolific and varied.

Not every game will be suitable for you, or even your computer depending upon its age as well, and that is why we can help you select and install some leisure software.

It doesn't even have to be games. There is software for garden designs, DIY, cross-stitch and many many more.



Have you thought of having your own mini cinema?

Home projectors are no longer only available to the rich or those with a village hall sized lounge.

We can help you install and link your computer, sound system and projector to make a mini cinema. You could even watch TV on a very BIG screen with full sound surround.



You want to talk to family, friends, colleagues via your computer? Firstly you need the internet and secondly, a webcam.

You could pay as little one 1£ (GBP) for a webcam or you can pay 50£. Price and quality go hand in hand and we can help you select and install the webcam for your needs.